SurfaceStar MICRO

The new mobile and network-independent standard in roughness measurement

Optimised surface roughness is crucial and has a significant influence on the printing result. With the SurfaceStar MICRO, you can measure roughness values in no time at all, obtain highly precise and reproducible measurement results for almost all materials within a few seconds and improve the service life of your cylinders.

For demanding measurement tasks, the optional PC app is available, which makes solving such tasks effortless.

Measurement data can be easily transferred to CYON via Bluetooth.


  • Easy and multilingual menu
  • Automatic calibration
  • Measuring distances all adjustable: 0.48, 1.5, 4.8, 15 mm
  • Calibration of up to 3 tracers
  • Measurements can be saved
  • Parameters roughness ISO 4287
  • Measurement of Ra, Rz, Rt, Rmax, Rp, Rv, Rsm, Rq, Rmr
  • Mobile and network-independent
  • Immediately ready for use for cylinders of different sizes without adjusting the measuring probe thanks to wide rubber supports
  • Robust aluminium housing protects the measuring unit

Further information

A detailed brochure is also available to download as a PDF document:

SurfaceStar MICRO


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Tracers with skid

1x USB (data output and charging)

Bluetooth and USB interface for data readout/device control

App enables control and use of predefined programmes


605152 | SurfaceStar MICRO

600366 | Rz Test plate Ra 1,0 μm, Rz 3,3 μm RNDH2

600367 | Rz Test plate Ra 3,2 μm, Rz 10 μm RNDH3

605153 | Mobile printer DH10 Touch

149114 | Spare paper roll