Thickness-Star FE 2.0

As small as a probe - layer thickness measuring made easy

The Thickness-Star FE 2.0 is a handy layer thickness gauge for precise and non-destructive measurement of copper layer thicknesses. Easy to operate with a single button and self-explanatory, multilingual menu navigation. It increases the certainty that the copper layer thickness to be processed is not too thin. This means that the cutting tools are not subject to unnecessary wear.

Your measurement data is now processed further by connecting to Android or iOS devices or a Windows PC via Bluetooth. The included free app allows you to manage your projects, assign measurement locations to photos and statistically analyze and graphically display the measurement results.


  • As small as a probe
  • Measuring probe can be swivelled by 90°
  • Robust light metal housing (IP64) protects against dust and spray water
  • High-contrast flashing OLED graphic display with operating instructions

Further information

A detailed brochure is also available to download as a PDF document:

Thickness-Star FE 2.0


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Measuring method

Calibratoin value











Power supply

Scope of delivery

magnetic induction on iron and steel

300 μm

1 – 100 μm: 0.1 μm
100 – 1000 μm:  1 μm
> 1000 μm: 10 μm

< 100 μm: +/- 1 μm
100 – 1000 μm:  +/- 1 %
1000 – 2000 μm: +/- 3 %
> 2000 μm: +/- 5 %

Bluetooth Low Energy interface for communication with Android, iOS and Windows

1 x 1.5 V AA Mignon battery (not included)

calibration base plates/foils, operating instructions, handy case


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