About us

The name Daetwyler has stood for innovative processing solutions since 1965 and has been the world market-leading competence in machinery for the printing industry ever since. This machinery is responsible for the production and processing of imaged cylinders (printing rollers) which are used in gravure printing presses. Our company Headquarters is located in Oftringen, in the canton of Aargau.


Inside the Heliograph Holding, the main focus of the competence center Daetwyler Graphics AG is the high-precision forming and surface processing with turning, cutting and grinding machinery. Additionally, we design and produce Laser engraving equipment for the structuring of rollers in superior quality.


Close cooperation within the companies of the Heliograph Holding allows us to offer our customers decisive skills for the highest production quality in gravure printing. As a team, we are your partner with reliable solutions in the areas of electroplating, forming and surface processing, engraving and laser systems for the gravure industry.


With our innovation spirit and the resulting state-of-the products, we are within the Heliograph Group the competence centre for automation, galvanic and process development.

Company headquarters in Oftringen

Our claim

Since our founding in 1950, our customers remain our focus.


We incorporate the needs of our customers into the design of our technologically advanced machines, complementing them with our own further developments.  The result of this process is an efficient, economical and user-friendly product of the highest quality.


Even our consumables are precisely tailored to our machines so that they significantly support the process by always achieving the desired results.


We are there, where you are. Numerous subsidiaries worldwide ensure that there’s always great support nearby. Top quality, well-trained staff and sustainability – your customers expect the best from you just as you expect from us. In order to meet these demands, Daetwyler Graphics offers both innovative and high-performance machines as well as excellent service.



Max Daetwyler founds Max Dätwyler + Co., building aircraft components for civil and military aviation


Dätwyler must reorient itself due to market management and concentrates on the gravure industry which has always been supported due to its proximity to well-known companies


Production of high-precision machinery for complete solutions in the graphic industry begins


the first etching machine is successfully introduced to the market, it’s called „Gravomaster“


Development of the Doctor blade


Development of a high-precision cylinder milling machine called “Polishmaster”


DRUPA – Introduction of the Laserstar


Acquisition of Ohio Gravure Technologies, USA


Peter Daetwyler, who until now has run the American subsidiary, takes over the company from his father Max


Peter Daetwyler (MDC Max Daetwyler AG, Schepers) and Max Rid (HELL Gravure System, K. Walter, Bauer Logistik) join fronts and found the Heliograph Holding GmbH. Within the group and under the new name „Daetwyler Graphics AG“ the company focuses on surfacing and machining of rotary cylinders


Peter Daetwyler leaves the Heliograph Holding entirely


a present after 10 successful years together with the Heliograph Holding GmbH, we will move into newly built and highly modern production halls in Oftrigen in the canton of Aargau