he precision, efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the CFM Econo 1610 make it the perfect entry-level solution for processing gravure cylinders.

The CFM Econo 1610 automatically prepares the copper cylinders for subsequent processing such as engraving or copper plating.

Side cutting, radius turning, face cutting as well as polishing take place in a continuous, uninterrupted sequence.

What’s more, an optimized cylinder drive enables highly efficient machining of both shaft and hollow cylinders.


Thanks to the premium stainless steel machine housing and high-quality, tried-and-tested assembly components, the CFM Econo delivers maximum investment security. Last but not least, far shorter machining times, low running costs and excellent reliability ensure a rapid return on investment.



  • Low-vibration machine bed filled with special concrete
  • Casing of stainless steel
  • 1 Measuring and rotating unit
  • 2 Polishing stone modules 5-30 kg contact pressure
  • Carriage feed: 9 m/min.
  • Cylinder drive up to max. 1000 U/min.
  • Grinding stones drive up to max. 350 U/min.
  • Combi-clamping system for shaft and hollow cylinders
  • Change-over holder EasyLock for fast tool change
  • Vibrational dashpot
  • Manual stainless steel cover

Consumables and Options

  • External cascade filter
  • Proofed with HelioGrind© HG e grinding stones
  • Proofed with CFM T-Cut cutting plate
  • …more

Further information

The complete brochure is ready for down load in a pdf-file:

CFM Econo 1610


Hollow cylinders


Face length




400 – 1600 mm (Pinole)

400 – 1500 mm (three-jaw chuck and Pinole)

400 – 1300 mm (collet chucks and Pinole)

315 – 1000 mm

Shaft cylinders

Face length

Total lenght



400 – 1600 mm

850 – 2100 mm (three-jaw chucks)

400 – 1930 mm (collet chucks)

315 – 1000 mm